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Irish Homes And Gardens

Irish Homes And Gardens promotes news, activities and services that take place in historic homes and great gardens which are open to the public either in Ireland or abroad.

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Irish gardens or gardens in Ireland are mainly open in the summertime. Ireland is blessed with a mild, moist climate and zero atmospheric pollution which is paradise for plants, allowing even some tropical species to flourish. The Botanic Gardens in Dublin are open all year round and has had a major revamp with restaurant facilities, an exhibition centre and study hub that runs courses for children and adults.

Irish gardens range from small, immaculately crafted and maintained ones, to large country estates like Lismore and Tullynally, with exquisite parklands, harping back to a time when the owners were able to travel the world in search of exotic specimens. Ireland has fantastic, contemporary examples of gardens, including seasonal themes inspired by pagan festivals and Celtic origins.

Irish Homes and Gardens connects the the world to Ireland.

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